The great thing about variable speed pool pumps

You don’t have to be an expert on fuel economy to know that if you run your car at 3,500 RPM you are going to burn a lot of gas – much more than if you ran it say at 2,000 RMP for highway driving.But when people buy a pool and allow the pool builder to install a standard pool pump, that’s exactly what they do. Standard pool pumps operate at one speed, regardless of what time of day it is or whether or not you need the pump running at that time.

Why Use a Variable Speed Pump?

Variable speed pool pumps do just what they sound like they do. They allow you to control the speed at which your pump runs, which gives you the ability to select variable speeds during the 24 hour cycle. Don’t be confused about the terms variable pumps and dual speed pumps. Dual speed pumps have two speeds and are preferable to standard pumps, but they can’t compare to the performance and efficiency of a variable speed pump!

The pump is the heart of the pool circulation system which cycles water through the swimming pool’s filter system. There dirt and debris are removed and water is sanitized to be returned to the pool. To maintain the right level of water cleanliness, you want your pool pump to turn over the water in your pool on a regular basis. It needs to turn over a certain volume of water equal to the size of your pool through the filtration and sanitation system daily.

Unfortunately, many swimming pool installers recommend pool pumps that are too large for the swimming pool. The reason they do so is simply to enhance their prospect of selling a pool by insinuating that they are offering you something extra at little cost. After all, bigger is always better, right? Not when it comes to pool pumps.

Additional Money Saving Considerations

Depending on which pool pump model you are considering, statistics show that running your pumps at lower speeds can result in savings ranging from 30 – 75%. In fact, the Jandy VS Flo Pro has been shown to reduce energy usage up to 90% in some cases.

What does this mean for you?

  • Energy savings allows you to recoup the expense of buying the pump in 2-5 years
  • Moving the water more slowly and under less pressure means your pump will run quieter and last longer
  • Better control over the water flow in your pool means you can get optimal performance from chemicals and water features

When it’s time to install a pump in your family swimming pool, work closely with pool professionals like the ones at Pleasure Aquatech Pools, to choose the right size pump for your pool to save the most money and provide the most environmentally sound pool system.

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