Add flair to your swimming pool with water features

These days, it seems like the basic rectangular pool has gone the way of the dinosaur. All over metro New Orleans, savvy home owners are looking for more than simply having a pool, they want something that fits their yard, and goes with the landscape and architecture of their home.

As custom pool designs are becoming the norm, so are designer “extras” that many homeowners are choosing to enhance their swimming pools. And one of the most dramatic effects you can add to a custom pool is a water feature.

What are Water Features?

Water features are what we in the pool industry call things like fountains, pools, cascades, and streams that be added to a swimming pool.

Some typical water feature applications that work well with a pool include vanishing edge water features. Others include types of Oasis falls, desk jets, laminars, and cascades. You’ll see descents, fountains, planters, water bowls, waterfalls, and wet decks.

These features can be installed and maintained with the addition of a water feature pump.

Sample Water Features

You can learn more about the wide variety of features by contacting Pleasure Aquatech Pools today. Or you can browse the Jandy / Zodiac website which has a nice list of water features by clicking here

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