Eco friendly pool features

With today’s improvements in technology, you can have the pool you want and enjoy it week in and week out and still claim to be one of the most eco friendly homes in the neighborhood. And the good news is that “Going Green” with your swimming pool does not have to mean being covered with algae!

Smart Options for Heating Your Pool

Depending on how much of the year you want to use your pool a heating system may be an option. Although choosing to add a heating system is not something that every pool owner does, especially here in metro New Orleans, it does provide greater use of a swimming pool throughout the year and extends the swimming season.

However, heating the pool costs money and increases your carbon footprint. But there is a “green” solution.

The answer is a solar pool water heating system. Such a system requires little or no maintenance and usually utilizes your current pool pump to move the water through the heat collection panel.

Solar collectors are flat panels mounted on a roof or a rack system through which your pool water is moved with your pump. As the water moves the collected heat is transferred from the panel to the water and that water is returned to your pool.

Solar collectors can be installed on a non-shaded portion of your home’s roof but they can also be easily mounted on a ground-based rack system. The size of your solar collector system depends, of course, upon the size of your pool.

You will receive free heat for your pool utilizing an existing pump system. No additional energy is required to move your pool water through the solar collector.

Eco Friendly Pool Chemicals

Today, it is very easy for pool owners so simply say “no” to harsh pool chemicals. You have several choices with regards to the best method of sanitizing your pool water, including products that are specially formulated to prevent the inherent negative characteristics of chlorine generators.

Some systems utilize easy to apply minerals and a chlorine generator to produce a chlorine sanitizer. This can take only 5 minutes a week to maintain. Once you start the system, you usually only have to add some product each week. That’s it.

Saltwater, or saline pools, are even better for the environment. Although they do require some man-made chlorine, saline pools use significantly less chemicals than a traditional pool does.

By making smart choices with today’s new eco-friendly products, your pool can have beautiful clear brilliant luxurious water which is comfortable for swimmers, easy on your budget and friendly to the environment.


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