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Why We Use Jandy Pool Equipment

As the largest locally owned pool company in the greater New Orleans area, Pleasure Pools has many choices when it comes to pool supplies and equipment. It is no wonder, then, that customers often ask us why we use Jandy equipment.

The answer is simple: we strive to be the best pool company so we use the best products. Jandy pool products and the service that comes with these products are the best available.

Choosing Our Products

There are many companies that sell pool products, making it challenging to decide which ones are the right ones for a given project or in our case, for a company. We had to determine which of the many available products we would pass on to our customers. It was a major decision; after all, the quality and reliability of the products we selected would reflect upon the reputation of Pleasure Pools. It became quickly apparent that we had to select only the best equipment if we wanted to establish this pool company as a reliable and trustworthy pool authority in Louisiana.

We made this decision considering several factors including quality, service and price.

Jandy continues to improve on their product line with offerings such as the iAquaLink Control System which allows you to control your pool right from your mobile device from anywhere you are!

Unsurpassed Quality and Service

We found that Jandy had a strong reputation for high quality pool products, and our experiences supported this information. However, the thing about pools that sets them apart from other components of a home or yard is that they are constantly in flux. The water moves through the system, people move in and out, and the chemical composition shifts. For this reason, even the most high quality products might break, so it is important that these products are backed by superior service, including warranties. The long relationship between Jandy and Pleasure Pools means that our customers feel confident that if anything went awry, they would be covered.

Competitive Prices

Pool companies have a greater range of choices and prices than a single customer. The suppliers know that the pool company will be a repeat customer and purchase many of the same products, so they offer competitive prices and offers to companies. At Pleasure Pools, we found that there were many companies willing to provide parts and equipment at cheap prices. However, cheaper products often lacked warranties and seemed to break more easily. Price, then, could not be the single most important factor.

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After weighing these factors, there was only one option – Jandy pool products for all Pleasure Pool products and services. When you are only willing to offer your clients the best, it’s Jandy all the way.

If you want a pool company that takes pride in great quality and service, contact Pleasure Pools in New Orleans today. We have experience and knowledge you can rely on all year long.