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The Process: Custom swimming pool and spa design and construction

Every pool builder will tell you that his methods are the best. You should ask yourself, how did he come to these conclusions.  Pleasure Pools has been serving families in metro New Orleans since 1994. We have subscribed to the same simple philosophy for all of this time, based on my 37 total years of experience. My experience is in contracting, not sales or electrical installations. Our philosophy of construction is as follows. It is certainly recommended reading for anyone that is ready to spend thousands of dollars on a pool.
If you have any questions about the process of building an inground swimming pool or spa we invite you to contact us today via telephone at 1-866-842-8061 or via email at We have a design office in Metairie as well as a pool showroom in Mandeville to better serve you.
First, let’s explore the fallacy of the value of the ‘In-House’ craftsman. In this market, which is a very small market, there is not enough work to retain an in-house craftsman. In almost all cases, the in-house employee, out of necessity, becomes a ‘Jack of all Trades’, and, as the axiom goes, Master of None. We, by choice, employ craftsmen that are true craftsmen. The men we employ, who will construct your pool, perform only one craft. The excavators, only excavate, the steel-tyers only tie steel, the tile and coping man, does only that. Some contractors feel that they are saving money and expediting their work by employing in-house craftsmen. In our opinion, they are not really saving money when you consider all aspects of their employment. In addition, their work is always sub-standard and they are less reliable than true craftsmen.
Could we reduce our overhead and operate out of a pick-up truck, an apartment, or out of a home? Of course we could. Who would do the work that is presently performed by our Office Manager, Comptroller, Phase 1 Construction Supervisor, Phase 2 Construction Supervisor, Warehouse Manager, and Service Manager?
Pleasure Pools maintains an office in Metairie as well as a new pool showroom in Mandeville in order to better meet the needs of our clients and manage the pool construction process. We struggle every day to provide excellent service to our clients in terms of having a live body to talk to, answering questions, ordering materials and equipment, and supervising and inspecting our work. Who does this for the contractor without an office…No One!! The old axiom that you get what you pay for is certainly true here. We feel that the money we spend on overhead is money well spent, and it is spent to provide the best service we can to our clients.
Did you ever notice that some pool builders use one brand of pump, one brand of filter, another brand of heater, etc. Do you know why this equipment was selected? I would advance that in every instance, the decision to buy that pump, or that filter was based on price. If you go to the Jandy Pool Products web-site, you will see a noticeable difference in QUALITY! This is why we purchase Jandy equipment. It costs more, but, we have found that, across the board, it is the best equipment available. It is also integrated electronically, so that your electronic control system (included in your base price) recognizes and properly controls all of your equipment.

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You’ve seen the ads before, POOL AND SPA, ONLY $29,995, and the qualifiers that follow, Electrical extra, cleaner extra, light extra, based on standard excavation, etc., etc. At Pleasure Pools, we take the opposite approach. Our price will probably be one of the highest you receive. It will also be the most complete you will receive, in terms of the equipment we supply. Every pool we install includes the following as Standard equipment:
  • Aqualink PDA Electronic programmer and controller (hand-held)
  • AquaPure Salt Chlorinator
  • Jandy Stealth Pump
  • Over-sized Jandy Cartridge filter
  • Polaris 280 Automatic Pool Cleaner
  • Jandy Color-Blend lights (choose your color or ‘color-splash’)
  • All 2 Plumbing throughout, 2 Surface Skimmers, no dead-spots
  • Jandy Never-Lube control valves

Pleasure Pools presently employs superintendents that supervise and inspect each phase of inground pool construction. They report daily to a Scheduler who compiles their inspections and expedites the jobs by scheduling new work, by issuing written work-orders, upon satisfactory completion of the previous phase. The phases of work are as follows:

Phase #1. Pre-Site: Layout of pool with superintendent and designer. Access, obstructions, placement, and elevation will be explored. Outline of pool painted on ground.
Phase#2. Excavation/Steel/Plumbing/Filter Placement: Over one million dollars of equipment and approximately 25 employees will be used to dig, reinforce, plumb and place your pool equipment. This process will take 3-4 days on most occasions.
Phase #3. Gunite: Over one million dollars of equipment and 10 employees will be used to create the structural shell of your pool with Gunite which is pneumatically applied concrete. This procedure will take one day, on most occasions.
Phase #4. Clean-Up #1: The form will be removed from the gunite shell, and construction debris will be removed from the site.
Phase #5. Tile and Coping: A crew of 5-6 craftsmen will apply the water-line tile and coping on your pool. Walls will be built and fountains installed.
Phase #6. Deck Preparation: The deck crew will either form up (concrete) or install the base (pavers) for your walkway around the pool.
Phase #7. Electrical: A certified electrician will ground your pool (this is very important and HAS TO be done BEFORE the deck is completed). This phase usually requires inspection and there could be delays due to availability of inspectors.
Phase #8. Deck Installation: Your deck is installed. This phase usually takes a long time, due to the fact that it is in 3 parts, one involving inspection. Each is a part of the critical path to the other.
Phase #9. Plaster: Your pool is cleaned, drained and prepared for plaster on one day, and usually plastered or finished on the interior within the next day or two. Your pool is filled on this day.
Phase #10. Final Clean-Up: All construction debris is removed.
Phase #11. Start-Up: A qualified technician will report to your pool and place all of your equipment in operation. This phase will usually take a week or longer. Your water will be balanced chemically and your pool will be cleaned and maintained. You should provide a hose to fill the pool, monitor the filling (don’t turn the water off) and call when the pool is filled. It is helpful if you brush the pool each day. We will provide the pole and brush.
Phase #12. Pool School/Owner Orientation: The pool is turned over to you in a professional manner. You are provided with your tools, and verbal and written instructions on operation and maintenance.
We can’t absolutely control all of the actions of our employees, but those that don’t comply to the above, will not be employed very long. Truthfulness in what we say and do is a requirement to work at Pleasure Pools. Misrepresentation of anything is against our policy. Many pools are sold by others by being less than honest, and many pools are lost by Pleasure Pools by being honest with a client. Experience has shown, however, that honest people, with integrity, recognize and appreciate the same.
Most pool companies pay some, if not all of their employees as sub-contractors. They do this to avoid payroll taxes. Some do not have a Louisiana State Contractors License (Required for any contract over $50,000 by law). In order to maintain a State Contractors License, you have to have Workmans Compensation Insurance. Dealing with a contractor with this license insures that he has exhibited some level of competence and he is insured. In short, we do things the right way. This, once again, costs us more, but allows us to maintain our business structure without changing our name every 5 years.