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Before You Buy

What Sets Us Apart

We don’t hire sub-contractors, we employ craftsmen.

Many companies don’t have enough recurring demand to hire dedicated craftsmen. This means that their employees tend to perform a lot of tasks, none of which they have mastered. Our team of experts are true craftsmen, and complete the part of the job that they’ve spent years mastering. This way, you know you’re getting the best work out of every part of our team, and the results will show it.

We have a state-of-the-art showroom with two fully functional pools.

When you visit some swimming pool companies, you might see a couple of dry models or flip through a large book of photos and 3D models on the way to making a decision. At our showroom in Mandeville, you’ll get the opportunity to see our pools in action. This hands-on experience will make you better prepared to own and maintain your own beautiful Pleasure Pool.

All of our equipment comes from one top-quality manufacturer.

It’s tempting to mix and match equipment in order to save money, and many pool companies will sell you whatever makes the most profit at the time. At Pleasure Pools, we rely on Jandy Pool Products for their superior quality and reliability. Having a complete, electronically-integrated pool system from Jandy ensures that you will maximize your enjoyment and minimize the hassle.

What they call “upgrades,” we call standard equipment.

Some pool companies entice customers by offering a rock-bottom price for a “complete” package. Then, they reveal that the package isn’t as complete as it should be – you’ll have to add on lots of extra cost to get the quality pool you want. At Pleasure Pools, our price will probably be one of the highest you receive, but it will be the most complete. We include the cost of all the high-quality equipment you’ll need to keep your pool in great shape for a long time. Every pool we install includes the following as standard equipment:

  • Aqualink PDA Electronic programmer and controller (hand-held)
  • AquaPure Salt Chlorinator
  • Jandy Stealth Pump
  • Over-sized Jandy Cartridge filter
  • Polaris 280 Automatic Pool Cleaner
  • Jandy Color-Blend lights (choose your color or ‘color-splash’)
  • All 2 Plumbing throughout, 2 Surface Skimmers, no dead-spots
  • Jandy Never-Lube control valves

The Process / Timeline View

  • Phase 1
    Pre-Site: Layout of pool with superintendent and designer. Access, obstructions, placement, and elevation will be explored. Outline of pool painted on ground.
  • Phase 2
    Excavation/Steel/Plumbing/Filter Placement: Over one million dollars of equipment and approximately 25 employees will be used to dig, reinforce, plumb and place your pool equipment. This process will take 3-4 days on most occasions.
  • Phase 3
    Gunite: Over one million dollars of equipment and 10 employees will be used to create the structural shell of your pool with Gunite, which is pneumatically applied concrete. This procedure will take one day on most occasions.
  • Phase 4
    Clean-Up #1: The form will be removed from the gunite shell, and construction debris will be removed from the site.
  • Phase 5
    Tile and Coping: A crew of 5-6 craftsmen will apply the water-line tile and coping on your pool. Walls will be built and fountains installed.
  • Phase 6
    Deck Preparation: The deck crew will either form up (concrete) or install the base (pavers) for your walkway around the pool.
  • Phase 7
    Electrical: A certified electrician will ground your pool (this is very important and must be done before the deck is completed). This phase usually requires inspection and there could be delays due to availability of inspectors.
  • Phase 8
    Deck Installation: Your deck is installed. This phase usually takes a long time, due to the fact that it is done in 3 parts, one involving inspection. Each part is a step in the critical path to the next.
  • Phase 9
    Plaster: Your pool is cleaned, drained and prepared for plaster in one day, and usually plastered or finished on the interior within the next day or two. Your pool is filled on this day.
  • Phase 10
    Final Clean-Up: All construction debris is removed.
  • Phase 11
    Start-Up: A qualified technician will report to your pool and place all of your equipment in operation. This phase will usually take a week or longer. Your water will be balanced chemically and your pool will be cleaned and maintained. You should provide a hose to fill the pool, monitor the filling (don’t turn the water off) and call when the pool is filled. It is helpful if you brush the pool each day. We will provide the pole and brush.
  • Phase 12
    Pool School/Owner Orientation: The pool is turned over to you in a professional manner. You are provided with your tools, and verbal and written instructions on operation and maintenance.


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