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Pool Construction 101: 9 Things to Do Before You Start

Having a pool installed is a major investment in your property, and a great deal of care should be taken at each step of the process. No one should rush out and have a pool installed without solid planning, and before you even begin the process, there are certain...

11 Characteristics of Great Pool Contractors

Instead of spending another year shuttling back and forth to the local pool, it may be time to talk to pool contractors about having one installed in your own backyard. Having a pool put in is a major project, though, and you want to be sure to hire the best pool...

Pool Plaster 101

Everything you Need to knowOf the many materials that go into building an in-ground pool – few get more attention than plaster. Plaster is the exterior shell of your pool and is the part that everyone sees and touches. As such it also is the first place that people...

Pool water chemistry tips and common mistakes to avoid

Maintaining good quality water is crucial in order to get maximum enjoyment from your pool and keep maintenance issues to a minimum. And while every pool is different, this guide to pool water chemistry will teach you what to look for and help you avoid common...

Managing Swimming Pool Water Like a Pro

The big day has come – your pool construction is finished and it’s time to start swimming! And to get the most out of your pool, there are some important things you should know about managing the water in your pool. Filling your pool for the first time One of the...

Top 5 Mistakes Pool Owners Make

When the weather heats up there is no better place to cool off and relax than your own swimming pool. However owning a pool is a little bit like owning a boat. They are a lot of fun to own, but they do require a little regular maintenance to keep running properly....

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